7 Signs You Need Professional Tree Services

Nearly every home throughout the nation has a yard with at least one tree in it. A lot of residential landscapes include a diverse range of tree types for aesthetic purposes and shade. To keep them strong, beautiful, and healthy, these trees need the proper care. In ideal cases, general tree services would include tree trimming and pruning at least once annually. However, if your trees haven’t been professionally maintained for several years, it still isn’t too late. If you don’t know when to call a contractor in, the following are four signs that it’s time to hire professional tree services in Hendersonville.

The Branches On Your Trees Are Too Long

You’ll notice when the branches on your trees have become too long and need a trim. One sure sign is when there are low-hanging branches that make it difficult to walk beneath the tree. Cutting the branches off will give you full use of the tree’s shade and the tree itself. Overly long branches can scratch your house, your garage, your vehicle, or even electric wires. In these instances, having your trees trimmed back can prevent costly property damages. Don’t wait until a storm arrives and structural damages are caused to your vehicle or home, or until overly long branches fall off or get blown off by strong winds.

Something Looks Amiss

When trees take on an odd or abnormal shape, it’s important to have professional tree services inspect and care for them. Trees can begin to learn and take on a lopsided look, or they may have far too many branches in one area and far too few in others. Professional tree services can ensure that your trees grow healthy branches and regain their normal, healthy shapes. It’s also important to contact a tree care service if you have a tree that’s broken or cracked. Problems like these are easier to correct early on, and if they’re left untended, they will eventually lead to permanent tree damage.

There Are Dead Branches on Your Trees

Whenever you notice a tree with broken or dead branches, it’s important to have these removed as quickly as possible. If these branches are left untreated, they are more likely to result in insect infestations or disease. Decay, disease, and infection are all problems that can spread to other parts of a treat and ultimately destroy it. Problems with the disease can also hurt the health of other trees if you aren’t maintaining your yard properly. If an entire tree dies, it will also need to be removed from your yard.

The Sun Isn’t Able to Shine Through the Tree Branches.

Trees do indeed provide shade, which is a relief on hot summer days. However, you should still see a small amount of light beaming through the canopy of your trees’ branches. If you stand under one of your trees, you should be able to look skyward and see sunlight. If you aren’t able to see any light, the tree must be thinned out. This is important for keeping trees healthy and ensuring that they’re getting enough sunlight and air for proper growth. Many other tree services can help you save cash. But why is tree service is necessary? Is spending a few bucks for someone else to look after your trees imperative? Some people might think that tree care isn’t as important as having their cars washed. Both are equally important, and the following are a few reasons why scheduling regular tree service is important.

Safety and Fulfilling Your Duty of Care as a Property Owner

One of the greatest benefits of hiring tree services is that it ensures tree safety. Some trees can grow as high as your house, and they can have fragile branches that could lead to devastating accidents. If a hurricane or typhoon hits, these branches can destroy your property. Hiring tree services is an important part of fulfilling your duty of care as a homeowner, given that it limits the likelihood of property damages and injury events. These services will ensure that trees can be approached safely and that they’re prepared for severe weather events by completing tree-trimming, performing branch removals, and even securing trees.

Avoid Damages and Obstruction to Public Utilities

When trees grow as high as power lines, they can cause a slew of electrical problems. Sometimes their roots can encroach upon water lines or sewer lines, thereby causing serious water contamination all throughout the neighborhood. Hiring tree services is one easy way to prevent problems like these. You can identify problematic trees and cut them down or have them moved to another area in your yard. Some tree services offer tree removal and others offer options for keeping your trees by transplanting them.

Hiring Tree Services Is Less Costly Than Paying Fines

Ill-maintained trees can wreak havoc with public utilities or cause damage to your own property or a neighboring property. Paying fines or having property damaged fixed can wind up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It is always cheaper to pay for professional tree service and to have your trees properly maintained. It is also far less troublesome all-around. Tree services do not have to be performed on a monthly basis. In fact, it’s even possible to have them done just once each year.